COVID-19 Response

So far, IDEA Nepal has reached out to a total of … people having experience of Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) through “COVID-19 Support Project for Persons affected by Leprosy Project” with seed money of worth NPR 25000 and a total of …. individuals with scholarship support in financial support of SASAKAWA Health Foundation, Japan.

·         IDEA Nepal supported … families with Relief Packages that consist of daily essentials (food and soap) and LPG Gas refilling in financial support of Nepra e. V, Germany.

·         A total of … individuals who have experienced Hansen’s disease (leprosy) and were infected with COVID-19 were supported with cash. NPR 10,000.00 was offered to each individual. This has greatly helped them in their medication as well as to buy nutritious foods.

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  1. IDEA Nepal goes global now. It can set the seal on dignity to all concerned. Bravo!

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