International Human Rights: IDEA Nepal is committed to eliminate Discriminations against People who have experienced Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) in order to ensure their Human Rights. IDEA Nepal ensures that the United Nations’ and World Health Organization’s Guidelines are properly followed. IDEA Nepal ensures Human Rights of every individual who has experienced Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) through the activities as follows:

Advocacy: IDEA Nepal advocates for the human rights of people at different levels in every possible way withing communities, government bodies, national and international bodies.

Empowerment: IDEA Nepal facilitates national and international forums to bring individuals with personal experience together to share experience, find strengths and understanding, identify challenges, and learn from each-other.  

Leadership: IDEA Nepal identifies, provides and facilitates leadership. IDEA Nepal has formed provincial committees in all the seven provinces in order to foster leadership throughout the nation. IDEA Nepal gives equal opportunities to every individual having experience of Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) to gain recognition as a Leader.